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Min Zhu
Title: Biologist
Office(s): Diabetes Section (DS)
Phone Number: 410-558-8534
Email Address:


Dr. Zhu received her M.D from China, M.S in Biostatistics from China and Ph.D. in Medical Science from Japan. She is currently a biologist working in Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS) of Dr. Luigi Ferrucci. Her area of expertise is in the development of novel proteomic approaches for the quantitative measurement of proteins/peptides from clinical or population-based various human tissues in characterizing aging-related proteomes by using new and high-throughput robotic procedures. Based on the ResearchGate search, she has 49 peer-review publications on aging and age-related diseases with 2884 citations. One of the studies she jointed has been patented in 2021.

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