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Title: Chief, Neurobiology of Aging and Neurodegeneration Branch
Office(s): Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Phone Number: 301-496-9350
Email Address:


Dr. Wise is Chief of the Neurobiology of Aging and Neurodegeneration Branch in the Division of Neuroscience.  He joined NIA in 1996 as the program director for the Fundamental Neuroscience Section, developing and administering research programs in neurodegeneration, neuroplasticity, neural stem cells, glia, and basic science (e.g. bioenergetics, oxidative stress, protein homeostasis, genetics) of brain aging. His branch also supports research on integrative neurobiology, sleep disorders and biological rhythms, receptors, the cerebrovasculature, and systemic metabolism.  Dr. Wise received his B.A. in Chemistry from Duke University in 1975 and his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Emory University School of Medicine in 1981.  His postdoctoral training was at the National Institute of Mental Health intramural research program, first as a PRAT fellow and then staff fellow.  Dr. Wise was a laboratory chief in the Fidia-Georgetown Institute for the Neurosciences (1985-1994) and a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology at Georgetown University Medical Center (1985-1996), where he conducted research on the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating nerve growth factor expression. At the NIA, Dr. Wise continues to manage and develop the research areas mentioned above, serves on several NIA and NIH committees, and has received several NIA/NIH awards.

Research Interests/Portfolio

  • Integrative neurobiology
  • Sleep disorders and biological rhythms
  • Receptors
  • Cerebrovasculature
  • Systemic metabolism