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Noah Wechter, LGG Postbac Fellow
Title: Postbac Fellow
Office(s): RNA Regulation Section (RRS)
Email Address:


Noah Wechter received his B.A. degree in Biology in 2019 from Whitman College, in eastern Washington state. He completed his senior thesis on a reverse-genetic analysis of the A. thaliana gene PIRL7 and its role in heat-stress protection during pollen development. This work involved Scanning Electron Microscopy and viability staining and culminated in a written thesis and seminar. In July 2019, Noah began his work with the NIA at the Lab of Molecular Gerontology where he studied a variety of models for accelerated aging, including C. elegans, mice, and cancer cell-lines via behavioral tests and molecular biology techniques. COVID-19 restricted his access to the lab as his first year concluded but provided an opportunity to develop skills in coding and computational analysis. In July 2020, Noah began work in the NIA Lab of Genetics and Genomics, under Dr. Myriam Gorospe. There, he uses R packages like Seurat to analyze and compare single-cell RNA sequencing data for senescence models.