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Anita Undale
Title: Health Scientist Administrator
Office(s): Scientific Review Branch (SRB)
Phone Number: 301-827-7428
Email Address:


Dr. Anita Undale is a Scientific Review Officer in the Scientific Review Branch (SRB) of the National Institute on Aging (NIA). Prior to coming to the NIA, she was a Director of Scientific Programs at Leidos Biomedical Research Inc., where she successfully led and managed several NIH-sponsored research projects. The projects included the Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, which provided valuable insights into the mechanisms of gene regulation in multiple tissues from older individuals and explored disease-related perturbations in a variety of human diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. As a research fellow at the Mayo Clinic and NIAMS/NIH, she competently led and conducted several clinical trials and research projects to evaluate the immune responses in older patients affected with autoimmune and degenerating diseases. Dr. Undale earned an MD with distinction followed by a fellowship in Pathology from the University of Mumbai, India and a PhD in Immunology from the prestigious Mayo Clinic, MN. She has authored several publications in high impact journals such as Science and Genetics in Medicine. Dr. Undale has presented her work extensively at the national and international conferences and her outstanding achievements in scientific research have been recognized with numerous honors and awards.