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Bradley Olinger
Title: NIA
Office(s): Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)
Email Address:


Brad is a graduate student in the Basisty lab, pursuing a PhD in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, & Biophysics (CMDB) through Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health in the Graduate Partnership Program (GPP). He received a Master of Health Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where he also completed their Humane Sciences program that emphasized the translational potential of human-derived models of research. His master’s thesis focused on stem cell regulation, aging, and therapeutic potential, and reviewed mechanisms underlying mammalian aging. Prior to graduate school, he was a post-bac research fellow at the NIH/NIDCR where he used transcriptomics to investigate the role of pluripotency factors – stemness genes – in regulating stem cell potential in the vertebrate embryo. For his thesis project, Brad is using a proteomics approach to investigate protein turnover in humans, which in recent years has emerged as a novel hallmark of aging. He hopes to use his computer science background and multi-omics experience to elucidate the ways in which protein turnover changes with age.

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