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Mary Makarious
Title: Pre-doctoral IRTA
Office(s): Neurogenetics Lab (NL)
Email Address:


Ms. Makarious received her bachelor's degrees in Bioinformatics, Biology, and Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience from Loyola University in Chicago, IL in 2018. She is currently a GPP doctoral student between the NIH and the University College London (UCL), under the supervision of Drs. Andrew Singleton and Mike Nalls (NIH) and Drs. Huw Morris and John Hardy (UCL). Her work involves applying machine learning, data science, and bioinformatic techniques on large scale genomic and multi-omic datasets on Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases to predict risk and progression. She is most passionate about serving traditionally excluded/underrepresented populations in science, open science initiatives, and generating/contributing to open and reproducible pipelines and easy-to-understand complex tools to empower those who want to analyze their own data.

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