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Jesse KERR

Jesse Kerr
Title: Postbac Fellow
Office(s): DNA Repair Section (DRS)
Phone Number: 410-558-8255
Email Address:


Jesse is a Postbac IRTA Fellow in the DNA Repair Section of the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology at the National Institute of Aging.

Jesse graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in June 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. He has been interested in biogerontology, the study of aging at a cellular level, since his sophomore year of college when he first learned about the field. His primary interest is in the connection between cellular damage (in DNA and mitochondria primarily) and whole organismal aging and senescence.

Jesse’s current research, a collaboration between the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology, Laboratory of Neurosciences, and the Laboratory of Translational Gerontology, focuses on the connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and Alzheimer’s Disease, and whether upregulation of pathways which remove damaged mitochondria may ameliorate some of the symptoms of AD and other neurodegenerative disorders.