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Jessica Johnson
Title: Post Baccalaureate
Office(s): Brain Aging and Behavior Section (BABS)
Email Address:


Jessica received her B.A. in Astrogeophysics with Honors and a minor in German from Colgate University in 2022.  Her undergraduate research experience links her interests in space exploration and medicine, from hyperspectral drone surveys and satellite mapping of the martian glaciers, to projects exploring reverse blood flow in microgravity.  Under the guidance of Dr. Joe Levy in The Cold Dirt Lab at Colgate University, her most recent planetary science work and senior thesis examines organic matter concentrations on and off Antarctic water tracks in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.  In 2022, Jessica joined the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience’s Multidimensional Imaging and Integrative Biophysics (MiiB) Unit under Dr. Dan Benjamini, aiming to improve the limited spatial resolution of MRI technology to better detect and understand neurodegeneration.

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