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Dr Kenneth Fishbein
Title: Staff Scientist
Office(s): Clinical Research Core (CRC)
Phone Number: 410-558-8512
Email Address:


Dr. Fishbein received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993, working in the laboratory of Dr. Robert G. Griffin. Since that year, he has been responsible for NIA/IRP’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facilities, including procurement, site planning, installation, maintenance, training and upgrades for 7 and 9.4 Tesla microimaging, pre-clinical MRI and clinical MRI instruments. This has included the design and fabrication of numerous instruments for physiological monitoring and temporal synchronization during MRI of animal and human subjects as well as apparatus to scan tissue explants and isolated cells under incubator-like conditions. Simultaneously, he has conducted research in numerous applications of MRI and NMR technology to the study of normal aging and age-associated diseases, including the early diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) by quantitative MR imaging and relaxometry, the assessment of skeletal and cardiac muscle oxidative metabolism by phosphorus-31 (31P) NMR spectroscopy, observation of thymus involution and regeneration by fat/water separation MRI, and the analysis of the quantity and viability of magnetically-labeled stem cells in vivo. His present work concentrates on in vivo neuroimaging of animal models, including normally-aging rodents and mouse models for Alzheimer’s disease, with the goal of developing specific, non-invasive measurements of myelination and cerebral perfusion in response to pharmaceutical and dietary interventions.

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