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Subhadeep Dutta Gupta
Title: Postdoc Visiting Fellow
Office(s): Neurocognitive Aging Section (NAS)
Email Address:


I received my PhD in Neurophysiology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), India in 2021, under the supervision of Dr. Bindu M. Kutty. During my doctoral research, I investigated the role of the hippocampal subiculum in cognition and focussed on using ambient light as a non-pharmacological strategy in a rat model of neurodegeneration. I addressed the research questions using several behavioral, immunohistochemical, imaging, and ex vivo electrophysiology techniques. In 2022, I joined the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience (LBN) under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Rapp. Here I am looking into the aspects of understanding how aging affects certain domains of neurocognitive functions and how we can tap the cognitive reserve and facilitate functional recovery using rat model.

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