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Marilyn MILLER

Title: NIH NIA
Office: Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Phone: 301-496-9350


Dr. Miller has been the Program Director for the Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease, Tau, and Hormone Research portfolios in the Division of Neuroscience since she joined NIA in 2000. She has been the NIA Program Director for the Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project, a White House initiative, since 2012. From 1983 to 2000, she held joint faculty appointments in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Experimental Medicine, and Anatomy at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Her research interests have included: reproductive biology, reproductive aging and hormone regulation; age-related changes and gene regulation in neurotransmitter systems; and neuropeptide biosynthesis and processing, neuropharmacology, and neurodegeneration. She received a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from Marquette University, Milwaukee; a master’s degree in Biology at Loyola University of Chicago; and a Ph.D. in Anatomy from Loyola University of Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine. She did a postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive biology and a sabbatical in endocrine-related molecular biology at the University of Colorado in Denver. Dr. Miller has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, reviews, and book chapters and has served on a number of NIA and NIH-wide committees and work groups.


  • genetics of Alzheimer's disease
  • reproductive aging and hormone regulation
  • age-related changes and gene regulation in neurotransmitter systems
  • neuropeptide biosynthesis and processing