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Beverly Baptiste
Title: Biologist
Office(s): Lymphocyte Differentiation Section (LDS)
Phone Number: 410-454-8645
Email Address:


Dr. Baptiste received her PhD at Penn State College of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Kristin Eckert.  Her dissertation examined the role of Y Family Polymerases in replication of microsatellite DNA sequences.  In 2013, she joined Dr. Vilhelm Bohr’s group in the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology, studying the role of DNA damage and base excision repair in Alzheimer’s disease as a postdoctoral fellow and then later as a Molecular Biologist.  In 2021, she transitioned to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology in Dr. Nan-ping Weng’s lab where she studies the effects of aging on CD8+ T cell function and the role of CD8+ T cells in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

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