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Sanket AWATE

Sanket Awate, Ph. D.
Title: Visiting Fellow
Office(s): DNA Helicases Section (DHCS)
Phone Number: 410-558-8381
Email Address:


Sanket is a Visiting Fellow in the Section on DNA Helicases in the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology at the National Institute on Aging, NIH.

Sanket studies the molecular functions and genetic roles of DNA helicases engaged in the replication stress response. Sanket is conducting RNA interference (RNAi) screens to identify novel proteins that respond to helicase deficiency; furthermore, he is using the RNAi screen approach to dissect the genetic pathways of RecQ and Fe-S helicases in the response to unique forms of DNA damage or conditions of replication stress. Sanket is also interested in molecular mechanisms and protein interactions of helicases that enable them to unwind DNA substrates harboring specific lesions or alternatively folded DNA structures.