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Jamila ASGAR

Jamila Asgar, Ph.D.,
Office(s): Immunoregulation Section (IS)
Email Address:


Dr. Asgar received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland Baltimore in 2021 under the mentorship of Dr. Feng Wei. Her doctorate research explored the mechanisms of chronic comorbid pain with the emphasis on the gut microbiota and serotonergic facilitation. This research was a result of Dr. Asgar’s collaboration with the Institute for Genome Sciences and was supported in part by her predoctoral NRSA award. In 2022, Dr. Asgar joined the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology (LMBI) under the supervision of Dr. Arya Biragyn. Her current research has two major focuses: potential contribution of the gut microbiota to immune dysregulation in Alzheimer’s disease and cancer immunoregulation.

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