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Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL)

Director: Vicky Cahan

The NIA Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL) directs a comprehensive communications program to disseminate research findings, support research and funding activities of the Institute and provide information on health and aging to the general public, health providers, researchers, advocates, media and others. The office plans, creates, conducts, and evaluates national public and professional education and outreach activities and publications. It operates two nationwide clearinghouses – the National Institute on Aging Information Center and the Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR), which make information available through the Web or by contacting the centers toll free.  



Vicky Autrey Branch Chief 301-496-1752 vc42y@nih.gov e-mail
Kim Calvin Office Support 301-451-8402 calvink@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Barbara Cire Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-1752 cireb@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Stephanie Dailey Senior Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-1752 sd181d@nih.gov e-mail
Freddi Karp OCPL Deputy Director 301-496-1752 karpf@nia.nih.gov e-mail
Olivia Kent 301-451-1634 olivia.kent@nih.gov e-mail
Melissa Mcgowan 301-451-8411 mcgowanm@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Karen Pocinki Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-1752 pocinkik@nia.nih.gov e-mail
Peggy Vaughn Senior Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-1752 vaughnms@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Jennifer Watson Senior Public Affairs Specialist 301-496-1752 watsonjl@mail.nih.gov e-mail