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Offices & Divisions

Information Technology Branch (ITB)

Chief Information Officer: Catherine Amores

ITB provides expert computer and network support to the NIA. This branch is responsible for network and server administration, hardware and software installation and maintenance, development and implementation of data security and confidentiality protocols, assistance with technical questions, and staff training and education.

ITB consists of three sections:

The Computer Systems Section (CSS) performs setup, maintenance, and support for employees’ desktop computers and electronic personal devices; they also manage the servers and networks used by the NIA Extramural Research Program. CSS also plays a key role in ensuring data security for the Institute.

The Information Systems Section (ISS) develops, manages, and supports NIA’s custom-developed IT applications; ensures the validity and availability of data used by NIA staff; and provides user access and provides technical support for the NIH-wide grants management and other data systems. ISS also maintains NIA’s external and internal (Intranet) web sites.

The Information Systems Security Office (ISSO) provides overall direction to the NIA regarding compliance with NIH and DHHS IT policies and regulations. ISSO also works to ensure data security at NIA by monitoring electronic systems for vulnerabilities, identifying and responding to security incidents, and working with the NIH Security Office to ensure rapid, coordinated, and effective response to any vulnerability or incident.