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Financial Management Branch (FMB)

Budget Officer: Karen Salomon

The Financial Management Branch (FMB) advises the NIA Director and other senior staff on the resources available for the Institute, both in the operating year and in the future years.  The FMB also works closely with the administrative office and the NIA programs and offices on the allocation of resources and the monitoring of expenditures.  In addition, the FMB works closely with the NIH Office of Budget and the NIH Office of Financial Management in budget formulation, overall funds control, and financial reporting.

The FMB oversees the NIA budget, which is allocated among three major categories:  Extramural, Research Management and Support (RMS), and the Intramural Research Program (IRP). The Extramural budget supports all of NIA’s grants and contracts, and is broken down further into research project grants, research centers, other research grants, research training, and research and development contracts. The RMS consists of the operating budgets of the extramural programs, and it includes the central management of payroll costs, assessments, and other centrally funded transactions. The IRP includes funding for IRP staff, laboratories and facilities, assessments, and all other IRP costs.

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Joe Ellis Budget Analyst 301-451-8832 ellisjoe@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Karen Mason 301-827-5584 masonkp@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Karen Salomon 301-451-8830 salomonk@mail.nih.gov e-mail
Jessica Shammami 301-827-6823 jessica.shammami@nih.gov e-mail