What's New from NIA


Check Out NIA’s Redesigned Website

With richer content and more dynamic features, NIA's retooled website makes it easy to access information and resources on aging research, grants, careers, and more. The home page has tabs highlighting content especially designed for researchers, as well as for the general public and healthcare providers.

Click on "For Researchers" to find links to funding and training opportunities, including a page on NIA-specific opportunities for special populations. A quick-links feature takes you directly to a page for early career researchers and lists of available scientific resources, such as biospecimens, a cell repository, and databases.

Use the website also for an A-Z index of health and aging information; details about the Institute’s organization, budget, and staff; news releases and research highlights; access to NIA’s Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center; downloadable publications on aging for the general public; information en español; and much more.

Happy exploring!

NIA Offers New Publications

What are the molecular pathways that may be involved in aging? What are the special issues older people should consider when planning meals and shopping for groceries? And, what have we found out about Alzheimer’s disease recently?

Three of the newest publications for seniors from NIA address these questions and many more. And these aren’t the only new offerings. On the NIA website you can read, download, or order:

Archive content: