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Advisory Workshop on Epigenetics of Aging

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aging is a process involving many epigenetic changes, including DNA methylation, histone modification, gene regulation by microRNAs, and modulation of chromatin states. These epigenetic changes may also play important roles in mediating the impact of environmental factors. A greater understanding of the epigenetic changes during aging may provide new insights for the mechanisms of aging and aging-related diseases. Recent advances in DNA sequencing, new epigenetic approaches, single cell and single-molecule technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity in this field. Many questions remain to be addressed, and the critical obstacles in the field need to be identified and tackled. One challenge in the field is how to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of aging process by sharing the resources and integrating the data obtained with different approaches in different model systems for different types of epigenetic changes. The Division of Aging Biology (DAB) and the Division of Neuroscience (DN) held an Advisory Workshop on Epigenetics of Aging. The goals of this workshop were to evaluate the status of the field, to define future directions, to evaluate critical needs, and to outline opportunities for the basic research in this area supported by NIA.


Suzana Petanceska, DN 


Max Guo, DAB 


Jose Velazquez, DAB