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Research Needs in the Evaluation of Executive Functions from Cognitive Aging to Dementias Workshop

Monday, January 27, 2003 to Tuesday, January 28, 2003

This workshop's goal was to seek expert opinion on the comparability of executive functions across different populations, species, and cognitive levels and the feasibility of using brain imaging to improve measurement. The aging of executive functions was viewed as a public health issue that needs attention in terms of measurement and development of adequate interventions. Discussions highlighted the following:

  • The need for better definitions of the components of executive functions in normal aging and age-related diseases across species
  • The importance of evaluating the adequacy of existing instruments
  • The need for population studies of executive functions in older persons and middle-aged individuals
  • The need for imaging studies to identify neural network reorganizations involved in executive functions

Recommendations from this meeting were used to develop NIA's initiative on executive functions and aging. Recommendations were presented at the Trans-NIH Conference on Executive Functions to form the basis for future research collaborations. A meeting report was prepared and presented to Council.

Contact Information

Dr. Molly V. Wagster