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Quantitative Reasoning in the Elderly

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Little is known about quantitative reasoning in the elderly, although these skills are required for accurate interpretation of medical and scientific news, wise investment and retirement decisions, and making sound judgments about health-related matters. Participants at this exploratory workshop possessed expertise from various relevant fields, including: numerical cognition, quantitative and document literacy, mathematics, judgment and decisionmaking, neuropsychology, and behavioral economics. The specific topics covered at the workshop included:

  • Age-related changes in numerical processing strategies
  • Proportional and probabilistic reasoning processes
  • Estimation skills
  • Investment and risk-taking behaviors
  • Financial abilities in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Based in part on the ideas and suggestions that emerged from this workshop, additional smaller meetings may be planned, and a program announcement may be issued.

Contact Information

Dr. Lis Nielsen, DBSR

Dr. Molly Wagster, DN