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Proteomics and Aging Workshop

Tuesday, December 10, 2002 to Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Cosponsored by the Division of Aging Biology and Division of Neuroscience, this advisory workshop discussed how existing or emerging proteomics technology could be used to identify and understand changes in protein structure and function that may occur in aging. Presentations by 21 investigators highlighted current research on proteomics technology and changes in protein expression, protein modification, protein-protein interactions, and protein aggregation and degradation that occur with aging in various animal models and tissues. Other topics included: (1) research areas in normal and pathological aging that would benefit from a proteomics approach, (2) resources that could facilitate this research, and (3) crosscutting NIH issues in proteomics technology and informatics. Recommendations from this meeting will be used to formulate an NIA initiative in proteomics and aging. A report was prepared and presented to Council.

Contact Information
Dr. Brad Wise, DN

Dr. Felipe Sierra, DAB