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The Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging: Linking Cognitive and Cerebral Aging

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 to Thursday, April 11, 2002

The Division of Neuroscience cosponsored this exploratory conference, which was held in conjunction with the annual Cognitive Neuroscience Meeting. Dr. Denise Park—a grantee of NIA—organized the conference, and 8 of the 13 speakers also were NIA grantees. Although there is an increase of studies that focus on the relationships between cognitive aging and cerebral aging, knowledge concerning the neural basis of cognitive aging has been based on two disciplines that have had little contact with each other. This conference's goal was to develop this area of the cognitive neuroscience of aging, while encouraging students and researchers to exchange ideas and discuss scientific issues. The conference's sessions included:

  • Noninvasive measures of cerebral aging and their relation to cognitive aging
  • Cognitive functions: age-related changes in neural activity
  • Pathological brain dysfunction and rehabilitation
  • Models in cognitive neuroscience of aging

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Dr. Molly Wagster