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Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cognitive Aging

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Topics at this Division of Neuroscience-sponsored exploratory symposium included the following:

•Overview of cognitive change with age and the current approaches used to examine the bases of this change at the cellular and molecular levels
•Effects of aging on structural plasticity in the hippocampal system, evidence for oxidative stress in aged hippocampal neurons and its relationship to cognitive decline, and recent efforts to assess hippocampal neurogenesis and cognitive status during aging
•Relationship of learning ability in aging animals to postsynaptic excitability of hippocampal neurons and alterations in slow outward potassium currents and their contribution to impaired learning ability with age
•Calcium dysregulation hypothesis of brain aging and cognitive decline and use of gene expression profiling in brain aging research
•Impact of altered ion channel function in transgenic animals, including the impact of a potassium channel subunit deletion on neuronal firing and behavior
•Use of a mouse model that mimics upregulation of L-type calcium channel expression
Speakers at this workshop included Michaela Gallagher, John Disterhoft, Philip Landfield, Geoffrey Murphy, and Molly Wagster.

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Dr. Molly Wagster