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Autophagy and Aging

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Division of the Biology of Aging (DAB) and the Division of Neuroscience (DN) Programs of the NIA sponsored a one-day exploratory workshop on “Autophagy and Aging” on January 11, 2008, in Ventura, CA, immediately following the Gordon Conference on “Autophagy in Stress, Development and Disease.” The purpose of the workshop was to highlight recent advances in our understanding of age-related changes in various forms of autophagy, and more importantly, to educate the community of researchers in autophagy about potentially interesting venues of research that address issues relevant to the mission of the NIA. Speakers presented overviews of their research on how aging affects the function of various elements of the autophagy pathway and/or how these changes in turn lead to increased susceptibility to age-related diseases. In addition, NIA staff provided information regarding the mission and research priorities of the NIA, as well as assistance to attendees regarding funding opportunities and application mechanisms. The workshop provided researchers unfamiliar with aging-related perspectives with a wide range of research questions currently being addressed and NIA hopes that the effort will generate interest in autophagy and aging research among attendees.


Dr. Felipe Sierra

Dr. Brad Wise