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Alzheimer’s Disease Centers External Advisory Meeting

Monday, May 6, 2002

NIA initiated a planning process that sought input from scientists both internal and external to the existing Centers in preparation for issuing Request for Applications for the Alzheimer's Disease Centers. Individuals working in the Centers and from position statements prepared by some of the Centers reflected diverse opinions. Many issues relating to how Centers presently function and suggestions for changes to improve operations were discussed in a meeting held in May of 2001. All current Center Directors and NIA staff members were in attendance. The process culminated at the Alzheimer's Disease Centers External Advisory Meeting, where the opinion of external experts was sought. These experts did not have primary affiliations with these Centers. Briefing books providing summaries of the Centers' input, descriptions of research in existing Centers, and background material about the program were distributed to the external advisory committee.

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Dr. Creighton Phelps