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Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

Major Changes in Budget Request

Major changes by budget mechanism and/or budget activity detail are briefly described below. Note that there may be overlap between budget mechanism and activity detail and these highlights will not sum to the total change for the FY 2013 budget request for NIA, which is $.522 million more than the FY 2012 level, for a total of $1,102.7 million.

Research Project Grants (-$8.237 million; total $724.904 million): NIA will award a total of 1,561 RPGs, an increase of 57 from FY 2012. The decline in RPG funding is due to a decline in Noncompeting Commitments, a $25.1 million decline from FY 2012. NIH budget policy for RPGs in FY 2013 discontinues inflationary allowances and reduces the average cost of noncompeting and competing RPGs by one percent below the FY 2012 level.

Research and Development Contracts (+$8.759 million; total $72.514 million): Funds are included in R&D contracts to support trans-NIH initiatives, such as the Basic Behavioral and Social Sciences Opportunity Network (OppNet).

Intramural Research (total $115.525 million): NIA will continue work to identify areas of potential savings within the Intramural Research Program that will allow the institute to continue to achieve its program goals and accomplishments, with a small reduction in FTE.

Research Management and Support (total $42.452 million): The NIA oversees 1,906 research grants, 608 full-time training positions, and 133 research and development contracts. Funding will be used to cover the expenses associated with providing for the effective, administrative, planning and evaluation, public information and communications, and scientific leadership of the institute. NIA will make incremental reductions and find cost savings in administrative areas to absorb cost increases, and a small reduction in FTE.