About NIA

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget

Research Management and Support

NIA RMS activities provide administrative, budgetary, logistical, and scientific support in the review, award, and monitoring of research grants, training awards and research and development contracts. RMS functions also encompass strategic planning, coordination, and evaluation of the Institute’s programs, regulatory compliance, international coordination, and liaison with other Federal agencies, Congress, and the public. The Institute currently oversees more than 1,300 research project grants and centers, as well as 556 full-time training positions and 100 research and support contracts.

Budget Policy: The FY 2012 budget estimate for the NIA Research Management and Support Program is $41.257 million, a decrease of $72 thousand or 0.2 percent under the FY 2010 level. NIA will reduce administrative expenses and find efficiencies sufficient to fund efforts at improving its IT infrastructure and offsetting the increased costs of centralized activities as well as personnel costs.

Common Fund

The NIA participates in the support of the following initiatives funded through the NIH Common Fund:

  • Interdisciplinary Research Consortium
  • Using Metabolomics to Investigate Biological Pathways and Networks
  • Supplements for Methodological Innovations – Behavioral and Social Science