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Fiscal Year 2008 Budget

Major Changes in the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request

Major changes by budget mechanism and/or budget activity detail are briefly described below. Note that there may be overlap between budget mechanism and activity detail and these highlights will not sum to the total change for the FY 2008 budget request for NIA, which is $1,277,000 more than the FY 2007 Continuing Resolution, for a total of $1,047,148,000.

Research Project Grants (-$1,750,000; total $682,798,000): NIA will support a total of 1,511 Research Project Grant (RPG) awards in FY 2008. Noncompeting RPGs will decrease by 5 awards and $11,124,000. Competing RPGs will increase by 28 awards and $9,987,000. NIA will follow the NIH policy of providing no inflationary increases for both non-competing and competing projects.

Research Careers (+$630,000; total $27,486,000): NIA will support the NIH Pathway to Independence program by funding an additional 7 awards in FY 2008. Total support for the Pathway program in FY 2008 is 14 awards and $1,260,000. The goal of this program is to nurture a vibrant, creative, research workforce, including sufficient numbers of new investigators with new ideas and new skills.

Research and Development Contracts (+$1,488,000; total $70,318,000): NIA will continue to expand its support for the Trans NIH Neuroscience blueprint (+$669,00), which was inspired by recognition that unifying themes in neuroscience research are fundamental to understanding the normal and disordered nervous system and to developing better prevention and treatment therapies. In addition, support for NIH and DHHS activities funded under program evaluation will be expanded (+$819,000)

Intramural Research (-$710,000; total $101,370,000): NIA will work to identify areas of potential savings within the Intramural Research Program that will allow the institute to continue to achieve its program goals and accomplishments.

Research Management and Support (+$388,000; total $39,194,000): The NIA oversees almost 1,900 research grants and more than 500 full-time training positions and 100 research and development contracts. The increase will be used to partially offset the expenses associated with pay raises and other inflationary cost increases necessary to provide for the effective administrative, planning and evaluation, public information and communications, and scientific leadership of the institute.

NIH Roadmap for Biomedical Research (+$1,231,000; total $13,783,000): NIA will continue its support of the NIH Roadmap, an incubator for new ideas and initiatives that will accelerate the pace of discovery in FY 2008.