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Fiscal Year 2004 Budget

Budget Policy

The Fiscal Year 2004 budget request for the NIA is $994,411,000 including AIDS, an increase of $36,785,000 and 3.8 percent over the FY 2003 amended President's Budget Request. A five year history of FTEs and Funding Levels for NIA are shown in the graphs below. . Note that Fiscal Years 2001 and 2000 FTEs are not comparable for the NIH Human Resources functional consolidation.

Bar Chart - FTEs by Fiscal Year:  FY 2000 384; FY2001 395; FY 2002 412; FY 2003 414; FY 2004 407.

Bar Chart - Funding Levels by Fiscal Year (Dollars in Millions):  FY 2000/$688.0; FY 2001/$788.8; FY 2002/$890.8; FY 2003/$957.6; FY 2004/$994.4.

NIH's highest priority is the funding of medical research through research project grants (RPGs). Support for RPGs allows NIH to sustain the scientific momentum of investigator-initiated research while providing new research opportunities. In FY 2004, NIA will provide an aggregate average cost increase of 2.6 percent for Research Project Grants. Also in FY 2004, NIA will fully fund 13 grants. NIA continues to support funding of AREA awards.

Promises for advancement in medical research are dependent on maintaining the supply of new investigators with new ideas. In the Fiscal Year 2004 request, NIA will support 571 pre- and postdoctoral trainees in full-time training positions, the same number as in FY 2003. Stipend levels for NRSA trainees will increase by 4 percent over Fiscal Year 2003 levels for predoctoral fellows, and from 4-1 percent, based on years of experience, for postdoctoral fellows.

Bar Graph - FY 2004 Estimate Percent Change from FY 2003 Mechanism:  Research Project Grants 4.1% increase; Research Centers 3.7% increase; Other Research 3.7% increase; Research Training 3.7% increase; R&D Contracts 3.7 % increase; Intramural Research 3.0% increase; Research Management and Support 1.8% increase.

The Fiscal Year 2004 request includes funding for 67 research centers, 213 other research grants, including 181 clinical career awards, and 101 R&D contracts. Intramural Research receives a 3% increase and Research Management and Support receive a 1.8 percent increase over FY 2003.

The mechanism distribution by dollars and percent change are displayed below:

Pie Chart - FY 2004 Budget Mechanism (Dollars in Thousands): Research Projects Grants 68%/$669,967; Research Center 9%/$86,275; Other Research 3%/$32,718; Research Training 2%/$22,673; R&D Contracts 5%/$54,646; Intramural Research 10%/$95,699; RM&S 3%/$32,433.