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About NIA

Fiscal Year 2002 Budget

Other Selected Future Directions in Research

Developing and Distributing Research Resources. Physical resources—such as animal models, chemicals, tools, and other technologies—play a critical role in research. The NIA develops and distributes these high quality resources to investigators efficiently and at reduced cost. These resources include:

  • Aging colonies of animal models necessary for research on aging processes and specific age-related diseases
  • Cell cultures and tissue, cell, and blood banks for basic and epidemiologic research
  • DNA resources for genetics
  • Bioinformatics technologies to make, record and analyze findings on basic biological research

The NIA will continue to identify and evaluate opportunities for providing research resources and infrastructure development with advice from extramural and intramural researchers. The Institute is also working on information technologies to assure broad access to archived data vital to researchers and policymakers and to ensure protection of anonymity and confidentiality of participants in clinical studies. In conjunction with other NIH institutes, the NIA will support research on new mathematical and informatics methodologies and on improved instrumentation and computational techniques for modeling systems changes in aging.