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2020 Dementia Care Summit Posters

See a list of accepted poster presentations below. 

Priorities and concerns of older Latinos living alone with cognitive impairment: An in-depth perspective

  • Authors: Elizabeth Rivera, J.K. Johnson, K.E. Covinsky, S. Keiser, J. Ortez-Alfaro, M. Barrientos, and E. Portacolone

Understanding the experience of persons living with dementia and their care partners in a memory café style program: A qualitative multi-stakeholder analysis

  • Author: Inga Antonsottir

Competency based training for in-home supportive services providers of consumers with ADRD

  • Author: Lourdes Guerrero

Dementia is associated with increased mortality and poor patient-centered outcomes after vascular surgery

  • Authors: Samir K. Shah, Ginger Jin, Amanda Reich, Avni Gupta, Michael Belkin, and Joel Weissman

What does it take? Reaching Hispanic/Latino and Black/African American dementia caregivers in community-based research

  • Authors: Lauren Parker and Laura Gitlin

Cognitive training to promote healthy aging in caregivers of a loved one with dementia: Rationale and methods for targeting mechanisms to improve caregiver interventions

  • Authors: Kathi Heffner, Maria M. Quiñones, Autumn Gallegos, Silvia Sorensen, Carol Podgorski, Mia Weber, and Hugh Crea

How dementia family caregivers proxy assess quality of life

  • Author: Patricia Egan

Uncovering dementia care partner gaps of knowledge of medical management

  • Authors: Tatiana Sadak and Soo Borson

State variability in dementia diagnosis prevalence and Medicare expenditures across the U.S.

  • Author: Emmanuel Fulgence Drabo

Live stream virtual group movement classes for persons with dementia and caregivers: Feasibility and satisfaction

  • Author: Deborah Barnes

Medical costs attributable to caregiving for a spouse diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia: Preliminary results

  • Author: Bailey Ingraham

The Integrated Memory Care Clinic’s new model of care: Comprehensive primary and dementia care

  • Authors: Carolyn K. Clevenger and Laura Medders

New data on senior care housing: NIC-MAP

  • Author: Emily Blecker

Advancing the delivery of dementia care, services, and supports: Examples of cross-cutting, high-impact dementia research methods

  • Authors: Heather Menne, Sari Shuman, Elizabeth Gould, Sarita Karon, Stephanie Hughes, Zhanlian Feng, and Edith Walsh

The Memory Farm®: An innovative and evidence-based model of non-residential dementia care for underserved communities

  • Authors: Johanna C. Jameson, Agnes L. Becker, and Debra A. Fleischman

The UCLA Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care Program: An innovative nurse practitioner-Led, health system-based model of comprehensive dementia care

  • Author: Kemi Reeves

Demography of dementia and dementia caregiving

  • Authors: Mark Mather and Paola Scommegna

Visual mapping assistive technology can help individuals with dementia and their caregivers successfully complete activities of daily living and enhance quality of life

  • Author: Matthew Golden

Supporting dementia friendly communities across the U.S.

  • Authors: Meredith Hanley and Brenda Luna Macedo

The University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health’s Office for the Study of Aging and its approach to disseminating information, education, and research on aging

  • Authors: Stephanie Ureña, Katherine Leith, Megan Byers, Maggi Miller

Adult day services: More than just "dancing and dominoes"

  • Author: Tina Sadarangani

The National Health and Aging Trends Study and the National Study of Caregiving

  • Authors: Vicki Freedman, Judy Kasper, Jennifer Wolff

Variation in family and friend caregiving of community-dwelling persons with dementia: From incidence to 6 years post onset

  • Authors: Eric Jutkowitz, Lauren L. Mitchell, Amal Trivedi, Pedro Gozalo, and Joseph E. Gaugler

What do I really need: Assessment of caregiver supports for people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and dementia

  • Author: Kathryn Service, Christine J Clifford, Sharon Oxx, Julie Moran, Lisa Cobb

Does spouse’s dementia diagnosis make individuals skimp on health care?

  • Author: Yi Chen

The Pain Identification and Communication Toolkit (PICT): A novel intervention to help family caregivers of persons with dementia recognize and communicate about pain

  • Author: Catherine Riffin

Implications of 2020 skilled home health care payment reform for persons with dementia

  • Author: Claire Ankuda

Innovating Dementia and Caregiving Research Recruitment through Care Community Partnerships

  • Authors: Michael Splaine and Erin Beck

The role of paid caregivers in home-based dementia care

  • Author: Jennifer M. Reckrey

A dementia-friendly faith village community program to support African American families

  • Author: Fayron Epps

Family quality of life among sexual and gender minority caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

  • Author: Joel Anderson

The impact of patient dementia status on family caregiver assistance and resource utilization during Medicare home health care

  • Author: Julia Burgdorf

Pre-loss group therapy for family caregivers at risk for complicated grief

  • Authors: Kathie Supiano, Troy Andersen, and Cynthia Beynon

Using Participatory Design & Community Engagement to Develop Online Caregiver Support

  • Author: Rebecca Utz

Access to physician care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs): Disparity by degree of cognitive impairment

  • Author: Kira Ryskina

Out-of-pocket costs for dementia: A longitudinal perspective

  • Author: Melissa Oney

State assisted living regulations and cognitive screening at admission

  • Authors: Taylor Bucy and Paula Carder

Developments in the market for assisted living: Residential care availability in 2017

  • Author: Wenhan Zhang

A participant and relationship-oriented approach to dementia research recruitment and engagement: The Brain Health Community Registry

  • Author: Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi

Contribution of Alzheimer’s disease and Related Dementias to US Mortality: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study

  • Author: Andrew Stokes

Black-White differences in characteristics and experiences of dementia caregivers

  • Author: Chanee Fabius

Aging in place for persons with dementia: Disparities in access to home- and community-based services and effects on health

  • Author: Regina Shih

Estimating provider, ambulatory care, and emergency department use by ADRD and non-ADRD patients in the southern community cohort study

  • Author: Sayeh Nikpay

Hearing and dementia: Applying user-driven, community-delivered hearing care to address disparities

  • Author: Carrie Nieman

Race differences in trends in dementia family care through 2060

  • Author: Esther Friedman

Changes in physical and mental health of Black, Hispanic, and White caregivers and non-caregivers associated with onset of spousal dementia

  • Author: Johanna Thunell

STAR-Caregivers virtual training and follow-up: Pragmatic trial protocol

  • Author: Robert Penfold

Using the Emergency Department for cognitive screening: Assessing downstream impacts on the healthcare system

  • Author: Walter Dawson

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