Research and Funding

Funding Opportunities

Funding Number Research Program Title Release Date Expiration Datesort descending
PAR-14-070 NIA Limited Competition: Renewal of, and Revisions to, the Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium (U01) 01/14/2014 05/08/2017
NOT-AG-14-003 Notice of Change in Locus of Review in RFA-AG-14-008 Secondary Analyses of Social and Behavioral Datasets in Aging (R03) 01/06/2014 01/01/2017
RFA-AG-14-016 DN Plasticity and Mechanisms of Cognitive Remediation in Older Adults (R01) 01/03/2014 03/05/2014
RFA-AG-14-015 Revisions for DNA Collection from Existing Longitudinal Aging Cohorts in Africa (R01) 12/20/2013 03/05/2014
NOT-AG-14-002 DN Notice of NIA's Participation in PA-13-381"Administrative Supplements to NIH Awards for Validation Studies of Analytical Methods for Natural Products (Admin Supp)" 12/20/2013 01/01/2016
PA-14-045 DN Independent Scientist Award (Parent K02) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-046 DN Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (Parent K08) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-047 DN Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research (Parent K24) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-048 DN Mentored Quantitative Research Development Award (Parent K25) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-042 DN NIH Pathway to Independence Award (Parent K99/R00) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-049 DN Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (Parent K23) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
PA-14-044 DN Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (Parent K01) 12/19/2013 01/08/2017
RFA-NS-14-008 DN BRAIN Initiative: Optimization of Transformative Technologies for Large Scale Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (U01) 12/17/2013 03/25/2014
RFA-NS-14-009 DN BRAIN Initiative: Integrated Approaches to Understanding Circuit Function in the Nervous System (U01) 12/17/2013 03/25/2014
RFA-MH-14-215 DN BRAIN Initiative: Transformative Approaches for Cell-Type Classification in the Brain (U01) 12/17/2013 03/14/2014
PAR-14-041 Centers for AIDS Research and Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (P30) 12/17/2013 07/29/2016
RFA-MH-14-216 DN BRAIN Initiative: Development and Validation of Novel Tools to Analyze Cell-Specific and Circuit Specific Processes in the Brain (U01) 12/17/2013 03/14/2014
RFA-MH-14-217 DN BRAIN Initiative: Planning for Next Generation Human Brain Imaging (R24) 12/17/2013 03/28/2014
RFA-NS-14-007 DN BRAIN Initiative: New Technologies and Novel Approaches for Large-Scale Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (U01) 12/17/2013 03/25/2014
PAR-14-022 Juvenile Protective Factors and Their Effects on Aging (R03) 12/11/2013 07/17/2016
PAR 14-022 DAB, DGCG, DN Juvenile Protective Factors and Their Effects on Aging (R03) 12/11/2013 07/17/2016
PA-14-027 DN Administrative Supplements for Research on Sex/Gender Differences (Admin Supp) 12/11/2013 02/07/2014
PAR-14-017 Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Pilot Project Award (SC2) 12/06/2013 09/08/2016
PAR-14-019 Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Research Advancement Award (SC1) 12/06/2013 09/08/2016
PA-14-015 DN Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Grant (Parent T32) 12/06/2013 01/08/2017