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Division of Behavioral and Social Research

The Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) supports social, behavioral, and economic research and research training on the processes of aging at both the individual and societal level. BSR fosters cross-disciplinary research, at multiple levels from genetics to cross-national comparative research, and at stages from basic through translational.

The graph displays life expectancy at age 50 for women in 10 industrialized nations since 1955 in the following countries: Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Canada, England, Spain, Australia, France, Italy, and Japan.  Japan starts out at the bottom around 25 years in 1955 and by year 2010 is at the top at approximately 37 years.  Denmark starts at approximately 27 in 1955 and plateaus from about 1968 to 1995 at 30 years, continuing on to 32 years.    Netherlands starts at approximately 27.5 and increases to 32.5.
Since the 1970s, life expectancy for women and men in the United States has continued to improve, but the US has fallen behind most other wealthy countries. This graph shows life-expectancy at age 50 for women in 10 countries.

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