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Aged Rodent Colonies Handbook

Ordering Instructions

  • All orders for NIA rodents must be placed through the NIA ONLY and all inquiries about the status of orders must be directed to the NIA. Orders must be submitted through the online rodent ordering system (ROS). To begin the ordering process, you must first log into the system. If you are unable to log into the system or if your password has expired, please email for assistance. Complete orders received by NIA no later than Noon Tuesday ET can usually expect next week delivery, dependent on availability.
  • Due to limited availability, we currently cannot fill orders from customers who do not hold active appropriate funding regardless of whether they have ordered from the NIA colonies in the past. Click the following link for the new policy on eligibility to use the NIA aged rodent colonies.
  • Due to the volume of business handled by the Order Desk, it is imperative that submitted order forms be completely and correctly filled out (all fields completed). Incomplete order forms will be returned. We can only offer following week delivery for those orders for which completed order forms are received by the deadline of Tuesday noon, Eastern time. Project title, funding source and grant number are required. Failure to provide all required information may result in delays in the filling of orders.
  • No changes to orders will be allowed after the order has been processed. If a customer wants to change an order, the order must be cancelled by 10 AM the Thursday before the delivery date, and a new order can be resubmitted for the next deadline.
  • Animals are sold by age, not weight, and ages are stated in 1 month intervals only; all animals born within a calendar month are considered to be the same age, so date of birth (DOB) is given as month/year.
  • Acknowledgements of orders are automatically emailed to the contact person for review. If you want additional personnel to receive order acknowledgements, enter their email address in the email contact field as well. If you do not receive an acknowledgement when you submit an order through the ROS, contact the order desk as your order may not have been received. If you have not received an order acknowledgement from the BRB Order Desk after two business days stating that your order has been processed, please contact the BRB Order Desk. The investigator/purchaser will be responsible for incorrectly placed orders that are not corrected. We will email or phone the contact person if there is any difficulty filling the order.
  • After the order has been submitted to the contractor, the contractor's customer service representative will correspond if necessary on issues of availability, mortality or changes to shipping routes.
  • Cancellation of orders must be made no later than 10 AM Eastern Time the Thursday before the delivery date.
  • Orders for mid December/early January delivery should be placed early in December. The BRB Order Desk is closed from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day. No deliveries will be scheduled the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Please note that some of the barriers housing NIA colonies are positive for Helicobacter. If your facility requires animals be from a Helicobacter-free barrier, you must make that request when you submit your order. Health reports are now available on the web from the link below. If your institution has specific health status requirements, download the health reports before placing the order and indicate acceptable barriers/rooms in the special instructions section of the order form.
  • Food is only provided for CR (and AL control) animals purchased from the NIA caloric restricted colony. The NIA does not provide food for animals purchased from the aging colonies. Food is shipped on the trucks with the animals; shipment by overnight commercial shippers is not allowed unless the recipient is not on one of the Contractor’s truck routes.

NOTICE: If there are any problems regarding the status of animals upon arrival, you must contact the NIA BRB office within 48 hours of their arrival.