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Aged Rodent Colonies Handbook

Oldest Ages Available in NIA Aged Rodent Colonies

This page was last updated on: March 3, 2014.

The information below is updated monthly, but NIA does not guarantee the information is accurate at all times. The oldest age available is dependent on demand from the research community, which is subject to change. Contact the order desk ( for more specific information on availability of specific strain/gender/ages. Special instructions such as "No Tumors" or "No Cataracts" may lower the age of the oldest available.

Note: Due to limited availability, we cannot age animals out past the available ages for individual requests.

Aging Colonies
Strain Gender Oldest DOB Available
F344 M 01/12
F344 F 01/12
RB M none
BN M 4/11
entered every other month beginning DOB 6/12
BN F 4/11entered every 4th month beginning DOB 6/12
F344BNF1 M 6/11
F344BNF1 F 6/11
entered every 4th month beginning DOB 6/12
BALB/c M 1/12
BALB/c F 9/11
CBA M 11/11
CBA F 9/11
C57BL/6 M 8/11
C57BL/6 F 12/11
DBA/2 M 9/12
DBA/2 F 11/11
CB6F1 M 8/11
CB6F1 F 8/11
B6C3F1 M none
B6C3F1 F none
B6D2F1 M 8/11
B6D2F1 F 9/11
CB6F1 x C3D2F1 (HET) M none
CB6F1 x C3D2F1 (HET) F none
Caloric-Restricted Rats
Strain Gender Diet* Youngest DOB Available Oldest DOB Available
F344 M AL none none (discontinued)
F344 M CR none none (discontinued)
F344 F AL none none
F344 F CR none none
BN M AL none none
BN M CR none none
BN F AL none none
BN F CR none none
F344BNF1 M AL none none (discontinued)
F344BNF1 M CR none none (discontinued)
F344BNF1 F AL none none
F344BNF1 F CR none none

* CR = caloric restricted, AL = ad libitum fed

Caloric-Restricted Mice
Strain Gender Diet* Entries are Made Oldest DOB Available
C57BL/6 M AL each month 1/12
C57BL/6 M CR each month 8/12
C57BL/6 F AL every 4 months 811
C57BL/6 F CR every 4 months 5/11
B6D2F1 M AL every 4 months 5/11
B6D2F1 M CR every 4 months 2/11

* CR = caloric restricted, AL = ad libitum fed