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Blog post - new funding for health disparities research

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New funding for health disparities research has just been announced by the National Institute on Aging. This funding will add health disparities projects and researchers to existing NIA grants. Grad students, postdocs, and junior faculty members with appropriate, rigorous projects can work with funded investigators to take advantage of this research funding opportunity.

Blog post - women of color and career advancement

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Women of color continue to face many challenges in science. Too often, they experience covert or overt racism and sexism in science classrooms and in research workplaces. In a new blog post, Marie Bernard, Deputy Director at the National Institute on Aging, relates how her own experiences encouraged her to get involved in the Women of Color Research Network at NIH.

Does the NIA conduct intervention research?

Yes. The NIA Interventions Testing Program (ITP) conducts a range of research proejcts. The NIA Division of Aging Biology coordinates this program. If you'd like more information about the ITP, contact:

Dr. Nancy Nadon
Head, Office of Biological Resources and Resource Development
National Institute on Aging
7201 Wisconsin Avenue, GW 2C231
Bethesda, MD 20892

First technical assistance webinar, March 6: "Options for New Investigators"

"Options for New Investigators: Grant Mechanisms," the first in a series of Technical Assistance Webinars sponsored by the NIA Office of Special Populations was Thursday, March 6, 2014 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST. The purpose of this webinar series is to provide participants with technical assistance for successfully engaging the NIA grants application process. 

What rodent resources are available for aging research?

NIA maintains colonies of aged rats and mice for use by the scientific community for research directly related to aging and age-related diseases. For more information, go to the rodent resources section on the scientific resources page.

Can I suggest an intervention for inclusion in this test program?

Yes—a key goal of the ITP is to test the effects of diets, drugs, nutritional supplements, or other interventions that are proposed by interested collaborators. Intervention proposals can be submitted by scientists who work in academic laboratories or in government or commercial research institutes.

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