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  • First Emmy for a government PSA
    September 18, 1998

    This year's Emmy Award for National Public Service Announcements (PSAs) goes to "Looking for the Fountain of Youth?" produced by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and Vilsack Productions. The Emmy Award, sponsored by the National...

  • Aging Institute names Suzman to head behavioral, social research
    September 18, 1998

    The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has named Richard M. Suzman, Ph.D., as Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Research (BSR). The appointment became effective September 13. In announcing the selection, NIA Director Richard J. Hodes, M.D...

  • Modest levels of estrogen may protect older women from fractures
    September 9, 1998

    Post-menopausal women have low levels of naturally occurring estrogen in their blood which may still be of benefit in protecting them from fractures of the hip and vertebrae, according to scientists at the University of California at San Francisco (...

  • Abuse associated with increased risk of death for older people
    August 4, 1998

    Mistreatment and neglect of older people are associated with a significant increase in their chances of dying, according to a groundbreaking study by researchers at Cornell University and colleagues at Yale University. The study, which traced the...

  • New test predicts crash risk of older drivers
    April 7, 1998

    A new vision test may ultimately help the elderly, their families, and physicians decide when it's okay for an older person to continue driving or when it may be time to hang up the car keys. Using a novel "useful field of view" test...

  • Scientists discover new gene associated with Alzheimer's
    February 27, 1998

    University of Pittsburgh researchers supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Cancer Institute report in the March 1998 issue of Nature Genetics the discovery of a new genetic association with Alzheimer's disease. The...

  • 26 National Alzheimer's Disease Centers collaborate on study of the utility of genetic testing for Alzheimer's
    February 18, 1998

    Scientists at 26 Alzheimer's Disease Centers have collaborated on a study that concludes that a test for a form of an Alzheimer's-related gene, called ApoE, when administered after an initial clinical evaluation, reduces the number of false...

  • Stepchildren may expand pool of caregivers for baby boomers
    December 29, 1997

    The baby boomers, regularly of interest to demographers for their trendsetting ways, may be at the forefront of yet another phenomenon. Despite their numbers, baby boomers have had relatively few children, sparking concern that those who may need...

  • Estrogen replacement may help slow decline in memory in post-menopausal women
    December 22, 1997

    A new long-term study from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) suggests that use of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) by post-menopausal women may help slow normal age-related decline in memory. By looking at estrogen use in 288 women enrolled in...

  • Two new studies suggest that caloric restriction in monkeys may extend their life and health
    October 2, 1997

    Two recent animal studies offer a possible explanation for how caloric restriction might possibly enhance human health and help extend life as well. One new study from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and Dr. Roy Verdery at the Arizona Center...