Heath and Aging

Saving for Retirement: What Do You Know?

Retirement Saving and Health

woman serving a drink to man in chairMaria is 61. She has been a nurse for 17 years and has always loved her job. Her husband, Jorge, just had a stroke and won't be able to return to his job as a high school math teacher. Maria had planned to keep working for another 6 years, but now she has decided to retire early to take care of Jorge at home. Maria worries about how this decision will affect their finances and savings, especially with Jorge's high healthcare expenses.

  1. For Jorge and Maria, as for many Americans, financial well-being depends a lot on health.

  2. Maria is not unusual. People often base their retirement decisions on their own or their spouse's health.

  3. On average, retirees spend what portion of their income on health-related expenses not covered by insurance, called out-of-pocket health costs?

    a. Less than 1 percent
    b. Less than 10 percent
    c. About 15 percent
    d. More than 70 percent
  4. Might long-term care insurance have helped Maria and Jorge with healthcare costs after Jorge's stroke?


Publication Date: September 2009
Page Last Updated: September 23, 2013