Heath and Aging

Saving for Retirement: What Do You Know?

Carefree, But Without Savings

man using computer at deskDaniel is in his mid-40s and single. He has no children, other dependents, or siblings. He has moved from job to job throughout his career as a graphic artist and never thought much about joining any of his employers' retirement plans. Daniel isn't "independently wealthy," but he's not concerned about saving for retirement either. Signing up for a retirement plan and choosing where to invest his money have seemed too time-consuming and complicated. He believes that Social Security will support him in his older years.

  1. Should Daniel make plans to save for retirement, even though he's single and independent?

  2. Would it be a good idea for Daniel to sign up for the retirement plan where he works, even though he's likely to change jobs soon?

  3. Should Daniel plan to rely only on Social Security to support him in his older years?


Publication Date: September 2009
Page Last Updated: September 23, 2013