Heath and Aging

It's Never Too Late to Start Exercising

One Sunday Morning ...

Lucy, Teresita, and Pepe

Lucy: Hello Teresita, so happy to see you. Where have you been?

Teresita: Hello Lucy, well, I've been...

Lucy, Teresita, Carmen, and Pepe

Carmen: She is so busy now that I hardly see her.

Teresita: Are you going to start that again? Don't you get tired of complaining about me?

Carmen: But it is true, Mami.

Lucy, Teresita, Carmen, and Pepe

Teresita: Oh, don't listen to her, Lucy.

Lucy: I don't know what you're doing, but you look divine. Like you're fifteen years old.

Pepe: Now, dear. Don't exaggerate.

Lucy: As you can see, Pepe doesn't change.

Teresita and Lucy

Teresita: Tell me about your life. How are you?

Lucy: Well, I've had some health problems recently... I have high blood pressure and Pepe's blood sugar is high.

Teresita and Lucy

Lucy: Imagine, Comadre! Now we have to diet and live life more calmly.

Teresita: And with more exercise!

Lucy: No, not that. I am not in any state to exercise. And Pepe, even less so.

Teresita and Lucy

Teresita: But exercise is life. It gives you energy and lifts your spirits. It helps you deal with your health problems.

Lucy: What are you talking about lifting our spirits, Comadre? We are very discouraged.

Teresita and Lucy

Teresita: Lucy, tomorrow I'm coming for a visit. I'll tell you all about our exercise group. Let's see if it interests you.

Lucy: Fine, but I don't think Pepe is going to like it.

Teresita: You leave Pepe to me.


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