Heath and Aging

It's Never Too Late to Start Exercising

Early in the morning, at the home of Teresita and her daughter, Carmen...

Carmen and Teresita

Carmen: Mom, where are you going so early?

Teresita: Walking!

Carmen and Teresita

Carmen: But with whom? It is very dangerous for you to be walking alone...

Teresita: Look, if you love me so much, you should do what Rosa did.

Carmen and Teresita

Carmen: And what is that?

Teresita: She listened and understood that exercise is important for people of all ages.

Carmen and Teresita

Teresita: Oh and read the exercise and physical activity guide I gave you over a month ago! It's not just older people who should exercise and watch their diet, you know.

Lucy, Teresita, Rosa, and Pepe

Pepe: Good morning, Comadre. Do you like my new shoes? They were a gift from Rosa.

Teresita: Good for you, Rosita. Are you going to come on our walk?

Rosa: Well, of course. I looked at the website and I am convinced that I need to exercise too!

Lucy, Teresita, Rosa, Carmen, and Pepe

Teresita: (thinking) I hope one day Carmen understands me.

Lucy: Okay, partners, let's go for a walk!

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