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Dietary Supplements

Find information about dietary supplements—what they are, if you should take them, types of supplements available, and if they're safe for older adults.

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Keywords: Dietary Supplements, Nutrition, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Eating

Smell and Taste: Spice of Life

The senses of smell and taste can fade with age, affecting your ability to taste foods. Learn what can cause loss of smell and taste—like certain types of medications or chemotherapy—and what can be done to help with these problems.

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Keywords: Smell, Taste, Cancer, Nutrition

Alcohol Use In Older People

Alcohol’s effects on the body can change with age. Read about common health issues associated with drinking, concerns about alcohol and medicines, how much is too much, and ways to get help for a drinking problem.

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Keywords: Alcohol Use or Abuse, Risk, Safety

Foot Care

Get tips for taking care of your feet, including choosing comfortable shoes. Read about common foot problems and signs of serious medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes.

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Keywords: Foot Problems, Bones and Joints

Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth

Learn about ways to take care of your teeth and mouth and avoid problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Get tips for cleaning your teeth and gums correctly, and ways to find low-cost dental care.

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Keywords: Teeth and Mouth, Gum Disease, Eating

There's No Place Like Home - For Growing Old

As people get older, health issues may make it more difficult to live at home and stay independent. Find suggestions and resources, from assistive devices to long-term care, to help make living at home convenient, safe, and affordable for aging adults.

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Keywords: Assistive Devices, Retirement, Safety, Home Care, Long-Term Care


Signs of depression can vary more in older adults, which means depression often can be missed or go untreated. Read about what causes depression, what to look for, how to get help, current treatments, and ways to prevent depression.

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Keywords: Depression, Prevention, Mental Health

Heart Health

Read about changes to the heart and blood vessels that occur as people age. Learn how to know if you are having a heart attack and how to prevent heart disease through lifestyle changes.

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Keywords: Cardiovascular, Heart Conditions, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure

Participating in Activities You Enjoy—More Than Just Fun and Games

Research shows that doing social and service activities like volunteering can help older adults be healthier and more satisfied. Get some good ideas for fun and fulfilling activities that may help with healthy aging.

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Keywords: Social Activities and Engagement, Retirement, Quality of Life

Talking With Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People

This 44-page booklet is full of ideas and tips for good communication with your doctor. The illustrations and conversational tone help to explain how to prepare for a medical appointment, discuss sensitive topics, and coordinate help from family and friends.

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Keywords: Doctor-Patient Communication