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Healthy Eating After 50

Learn how to make smart food choices. Read about healthy eating plans and get tips about how much to eat, reading nutrition labels, food safety, cutting costs, and more.

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Keywords: Eating, Nutrition, Healthy Aging, Well-Being

Skin Care and Aging

Get tips for common skin care problems related to aging—such as dry or itchy skin, wrinkles, and skin tags—and ways to keep your skin healthy.

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Keywords: Skin, Cancer, Prevention

Can We Prevent Aging?

Find out the truth behind antioxidants, calorie restriction, hormones, and supplements. Discover ways to support healthy aging and prevent or delay the onset of age-related disease and decline.

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Keywords: Longevity, Well-Being, Anti-Aging, Prevention, Resveratrol, Nutrition, Hormones, Testosterone, Estrogen

Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging

Get moving! This 120-page guide describes the benefits of exercise and physical activity for older people. Learn how to set exercise goals and stick to them. Includes sample exercises for endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility and a list of resources.

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Keywords: Exercise, Physical Activity

What's On Your Plate: Smart Food Choices for Healthy Aging

Learn how to eat healthfully as you get older. Get an overview of recommended eating plans, nutrition information, shopping and food safety tips, printable resources, videos, and other information to help you make good food choices every day.

Keywords: Nutrition, Eating, Healthy Eating

Hyperthermia: Too Hot for Your Health

If you’re feeling too hot for too long, you could be at risk for developing hyperthermia, or heat-related illness. Read how to lower your risk and cool down to avoid health problems.

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Keywords: Hyperthermia, Safety

A Good Night's Sleep

Learn why getting enough sleep is important for your health; what we know about common sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome; and how to get a good night’s sleep.

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Keywords: Sleep, Well-Being, Sleep Disorders

Exercise and Physical Activity: Getting Fit for Life

Learn about getting fit using the four types of exercise, how to stay safe while exercising, and the benefits of exercise in avoiding age-related conditions. Find additional exercise and physical activity resources for older adults.

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Keywords: Exercise, Physical Activity

Fatigue: More Than Being Tired

If you feel tired for long periods of time, you may be experiencing fatigue. Read about the causes of fatigue, such as illness, medical problems, and certain treatments. Learn how emotions and personal habits can add to fatigue, and find ways to help you manage this problem.

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Keywords: Health Information, Insomnia, Sleep

Hypothermia: A Cold Weather Hazard

Cold weather can put older adults at risk for developing hypothermia—a drop in body temperature. Read about signs, such as shivering and slowed body movements, of this serious health problem and learn what to do before it becomes dangerous. Find tips for staying warm and getting help with heating bills.

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Keywords: Hypothermia, Personal Safety