Heath and Aging


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Signs of depression can vary more in older adults, which means depression often can be missed or go untreated. Read about what causes depression, what to look for, how to get help, current treatments, and ways to prevent depression.

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Keywords: Depression, Prevention, Mental Health

Elder Abuse

Understand how to identify signs of physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and other abuse or mistreatment of older adults. Also find out what caregivers and others can do if they suspect some type of abuse.

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Keywords: Elder Abuse, Caregiving

Falls and Fractures

It’s important for older people to avoid falling.  Learn some tips to prevent a fall or fracture such as staying physically active and knowing the side effects of your medicines Get for making your home safe to prevent falls.

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Keywords: Falls, Balance Problems, Safety, Osteoporosis, Bones and Joints

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence—accidentally leaking urine—can be a problem for older women and men. Read about the causes, diagnosis, and types of urinary incontinence. Learn about treatment options and what can be done to manage bladder control problems such as overflow incontinence.

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Keywords: Incontinence, Kidneys and Urinary System

Concerned About Constipation?

Could you be constipated? Find out about possible causes—such as diet, exercise, and medications—and treatment for constipation.

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Keywords: Constipation, Digestive System, Nutrition

Choosing A Doctor

Looking for a new doctor? Read about types of primary care physicians and choosing the best doctor for you. Get tips for your first appointment and a list of questions to ask about insurance, accessibility, and more.

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Keywords: Health Care, Physicians, Medicare, Doctor-Patient Communication

Online Health Information: Can You Trust It?

Learn ways to identify websites and online health information you can trust.

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Keywords: Internet, Web, Health Information

Nursing Homes: Making the Right Choice

Learn about the different types of nursing homes and what to consider when choosing a nursing home. Find tips on affording nursing-home care and resources that can help you compare the options.

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Keywords: Long-Term Care, Nursing Homes

Hearing Loss

Find information about different types of hearing loss and other problems, and how to tell if you might have hearing loss. Learn what to do if you have trouble hearing, such as asking your doctor about assistive devices and hearing aids. Also provides tips to help people with hearing loss cope.

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Keywords: Ear Nose Throat

Flu—Get the Shot

Read about the basics of the flu, how it spreads, prevention, and treatment. Find out the differences between the flu and a cold, and learn about getting a flu shot.

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Keywords: Flu, Shots, Immunizations, Prevention, Influenza