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Arthritis Advice

Arthritis can damage joints throughout the body and cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and redness. Find information about kinds of arthritis, warning signs, treatments, and types of exercise to keep joints moving.

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Keywords: Arthritis, Bones and Joints, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Exercise, Medications

A Good Night's Sleep

Learn why getting enough sleep is important for your health; what we know about common sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome; and how to get a good night’s sleep.

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Keywords: Sleep, Well-Being, Sleep Disorders

Kidney Disease: A Silent Problem

Learn about kidney (renal) disease and its risk factors, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Find information on testing for kidney disease, ways to prevent the disease from getting worse, and treatment options for end-stage renal disease.

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Keywords: Kidneys and Urinary System, End Stage Renal Disease, Medicare

Exercise and Physical Activity: Getting Fit for Life

Learn about getting fit using the four types of exercise, how to stay safe while exercising, and the benefits of exercise in avoiding age-related conditions. Find additional exercise and physical activity resources for older adults.

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Keywords: Exercise, Physical Activity

Hypothermia: A Cold Weather Hazard

Cold weather can put older adults at risk for developing hypothermia—a drop in body temperature. Read about signs, such as shivering and slowed body movements, of this serious health problem and learn what to do before it becomes dangerous. Find tips for staying warm and getting help with heating bills.

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Keywords: Hypothermia, Personal Safety

Diabetes In Older People—A Disease You Can Manage

Learn about diabetes in older adults, including what it is, the different types, early signs and symptoms, and diagnosis. Get tips to manage diabetes and resources to help.

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Keywords: Diabetes, Prevention, Medicare, Foot Problems, Kidneys and Urinary System

HIV, AIDS, and Older People

Learn about the symptoms of HIV and AIDS; how people become infected; and how older adults, women, and people of color are affected. Also find out how to get tested and get information about treatment and prevention.

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Keywords: AIDS and HIV, Prevention, Sexuality

Fatigue: More Than Being Tired

If you feel tired for long periods of time, you may be experiencing fatigue. Read about the causes of fatigue, such as illness, medical problems, and certain treatments. Learn how emotions and personal habits can add to fatigue, and find ways to help you manage this problem.

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Keywords: Health Information, Insomnia, Sleep

Dietary Supplements

Find information about dietary supplements—what they are, if you should take them, types of supplements available, and if they're safe for older adults.

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Keywords: Dietary Supplements, Nutrition, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Eating

Smell and Taste: Spice of Life

The senses of smell and taste can fade with age, affecting your ability to taste foods. Learn what can cause loss of smell and taste—like certain types of medications or chemotherapy—and what can be done to help with these problems.

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Keywords: Smell, Taste, Cancer, Nutrition