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Pain: You Can Get Help

Learn about types of pain and find out if it's a sign of a serious health problem. Read ways to treat pain and feel better, such as with medicines or using complementary and alternative treatments. 

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Keywords: Pain, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Medicines

Flu—Get the Shot

Read about the basics of the flu, how it spreads, prevention, and treatment. Find out the differences between the flu and a cold, and learn about getting a flu shot.

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Keywords: Flu, Shots, Immunizations, Prevention, Influenza

Crime and Older People

Be informed about your personal safety and the risks of crime. Get tips about avoiding crime at home and elsewhere, fighting fraud, and preventing identity theft. Find advice on what to do about elder abuse and how to stay safe as you age.

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Keywords: Safety, Risk, Fraud, Elder Abuse

Smoking: It's Never Too Late to Stop

Read about the health benefits of quitting smoking, get tips to help you stop, and learn about the dangers of smoking and smokeless tobacco. No matter your age, it’s never too late to quit smoking and improve your health.

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Keywords: Smoking, Lungs and Breathing, Cancer


Find information about how to recognize the symptoms of stroke and why you should call 911 right away. Read about the different types of stroke, common problems that happen after a stroke—like trouble speaking, and ways to lower your risk of stroke.

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Keywords: Stroke, Cardiovascular

Beware of Health Scams

Learn about health scams and problems with using untested treatments and cures. Read tips to avoid falling for unproven anti-aging medications as well as arthritis remedies, cancer cures, and more.

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Keywords: Safety, Elder Abuse, Fraud

Hospital Hints

Get tips for a hospital stay, including what to bring and what to leave at home, what to expect during admission, patient rights, and different types of hospital staff. Also includes safety tips, questions to ask, and steps to take after you leave the hospital.

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Keywords: Hospitalization, Health Care, Physicians

Considering Surgery?

Here are some questions to ask and tips for choosing a surgeon or getting a second opinion. Also includes information about outpatient surgery, planning, paying for surgery, and what to bring with you.

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Keywords: Risk, Surgery, Hospitalization, Health Care

Shots For Safety

Find out about shots that can help keep you from getting sick. Includes information on the flu; pneumococcal disease; tetanus and diphtheria; shingles; and measles, mumps, and rubella.

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Keywords: Shots, Immunizations, Prevention