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Name Office Phone Email
JONATHAN KING Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR) 301-402-4156 e-mail
JOSE LUCHSINGER Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8675
JOSE VELAZQUEZ Division of Aging Biology (DAB) 301-496-6402 e-mail
JOSEPHINE EGAN Clinical Investigation Lab (CIL) 410-558-8414 e-mail
JOSH SOMMERS DNA Helicases Section (DNAHS) 410-558-8092 e-mail
JOY MOHANTY Dna Repair Section (DRS) 410-558-8279 e-mail
JUDY GEYER Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8175 e-mail
JUDY HANNAH Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) 301-435-0044 e-mail
JULIA MCKELVEY Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) e-mail
JULIE MATTISON Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 301-435-7637 e-mail
JUN DING Genetics Lab (GL) 410-558-8297 e-mail
JYOTI SEN Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS) 410-558-8163 e-mail
KAREN HARRIS Neuroscience Lab (NsL) 410-558-8544 e-mail
KAREN POCINKI Office of Communications & Public Liaison (OCPL) 301-496-1752 e-mail
KAREN QUIGLEY Molecular Biology and Immunology Lab (MBIL) 410-558-8027 e-mail
KAREN SALOMON Financial Management Branch (FMB) 301-451-8830 e-mail
KAREN SMITH Administrative Management Branch (AMB) 301-402-7718 e-mail
KATE NAGY Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation (OPAE) 301-496-3121 e-mail
KATHY PERDUE-GREENFIELD Comparative Medicine Section (CMS) 410-558-8316 e-mail
KC ALEXANDER Neuroscience Lab (NsL) 410-558-8482 e-mail