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Name Office Phone Email
SUSANNE FEEHLEY Molecular Biology and Immunology Lab (MBIL) 410-558-8398 e-mail
REBECCA FERRELL Scientific Review Branch (SRB) 301-402-7703 e-mail
LUIGI FERRUCCI Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8110 e-mail
KIMBERLY FIRTH Scientific Review Branch (SRB) e-mail
KENNETH FISHBEIN Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Section (MRISS) 410-558-8512 e-mail
DESIREE FLOYD Division of Extramural Activities (DEA) 301-496-9373 e-mail
NHI FLOYD Workforce & Strategic Planning Branch (WSPB) 301-443-8013 e-mail
IGGY FRANCIS Administrative Management Branch (AMB) 301-402-2716 e-mail
SANDRA FRANKTON Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8675 e-mail
CHESTER FRAZIER Diabetes Section (DS) 410-558-8424 e-mail
REBECCA FULDNER Division of Aging Biology (DAB) 301-496-6402 e-mail
ALBERTA GALEK Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8439 e-mail
MELISSA GARCIA Interdisciplinary Studies Aging Section (ISAS) 301-496-6077 e-mail
PRISCILLA GARNER Division of Extramural Activities (DEA) 301-496-9323 e-mail
PATRICIA GEARHART Antibody Diversity Section (ADS) 410-558-8561 e-mail
LOUISE GENEREUX Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8088 e-mail
MELISSA GERALD Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR) 301-451-4503 e-mail
TATIANA GERASIMOVA Gene Regulation Section (GRS) 410-558-8528 e-mail
JUDY GEYER Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8175 e-mail
PARITOSH GHOSH Human Genetics Section (HGS) 410-558-8363 e-mail